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History of Destin Florida

Posted on by Kevin

You already know that Destin is a beautiful place to visit, but you probably don’t know a lot of about its history. Let’s take a look at the history of Destin Florida so you can stump some locals when you visit the next time. They will be impressed that you know so much about the village’s history.

Beginning of Destin

If you want to look at the history of Destin Florida, you need to start with the seventh century AD. American Indians lived in the Destin area at this time. They survived off the seafood they found in the area’s water. The seafood was just as ample back then as it is today.

Spanish Explorers

Fast forward 900 years. At that time, Spanish Explorers visited the area. Divers have found wreckage of old ships in the area waters over the years, and they continue to find wreckage to this day. If you want to try to find some of the wreckage yourself, try your hand at scuba diving during your next Destin vacation. You just might come up on a shipwreck. That will make for a fun story when you get home.

Leonard Destin

You can’t talk about the history of Destin Florida without talking about Leonard Destin. Destin came to Northwest Florida round 1845. He became a prominent fisherman in the area, and his decedents followed suit. You can find fishing boats from Destin’s era in the History and Fishing Museum.

Destin Today

When you look at the history of Destin Florida, it’s hard to ignore this city’s transformation from a small village to a municipality. In fact, Destin celebrated its 25th anniversary as an incorporated municipality in 2009 and it continues to grow, thanks to tourism.

Now that you know about the history of Destin Florida, get ready to quiz locals. You just might be the smartest person in the room when you hang out in Destin.


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